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As a small child I often had a camera in-hand, photographing mostly nature, animals and friends. As an adult, and only after landing a largely publicated magazine cover with article images inside, I decided to launch my part-time business photographing family, children and bands. However it was on-the-side-of my husband and I desperately trying to have a baby. I struggled many years, trying first one thing and then another; surgeries, IUI's acupuncture, healthy diets, quitting caffeine, you name it.  And eventually giving up. And at this time it had become clear, I needed an indoor studio. So in 2008 construction was well underway and I had never let go of my first dream of having a baby. So in a last effort, after visiting adoption plans and going to a weekly Bible study at friends, where I was prayed for and over on several occasions we chose to go forth with IVF or shall I say I made that decision, even though told we had only a 1% chance - if that- of conceiving.  When I thought I had "Let Go And Let GOD" - it turns out I had not...but when I did - it was GREAT. As you can see the images here are OUR MIRACLE COME TRUE, by only the Grace of God during his timing not mine.  She was born just after the studio was finally completed in the Spring of 2009 and I've been capturing special moments for families across middle Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia & even Florida ever since.


I consider myself a portrait artist. Because frankly "Love of Art is a Part of everything I do. From pulling together our special limited editions throughout the year to capturing those special moments to editing and finally using a quality lab that provides beautiful color in all the items offered here. I specialize in Newborn, Maternity, Child, Tween, Family & Seniors and our Luxury Weddings are growing along with our Engagement, Bridal, Glamour & Boudoir.  I welcome Head-shots, Events, Corporate, Bands and others. Over the years you can find my Limited Editions happening on several occasions throughout the year from baby Lambs, Bunnies and Chicks at Easter to Daddy's Little Angels, Mommy & Me and of course our very popular Santa Magic Sessions. Our Fairy Magic Sessions have become quite popular over the years as well as our Winter Wonderland Froze Event we capture the most exquisite snow fairies.


I've strived for years to set this business apart by the quality of work and the heart that goes into every aspect. I sincerely hope you enjoy a little something you might see from us or will consider letting this studio create something magical - a true Timeless Treasure "Where Love of Art is a Part" for you!


Thank you for reading my story,

Portrait Design by Dreama

Dreama Stephenson Photography
"Where Love of Art is a Part!"
Beautiful images for your most beautiful moments

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