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Hey guys it's Dreama. As many of you know I was the only one taking the Fastpitch girls pictures at DC. I know we have to take the team picture for the sponsor this week regardless, but I would like to offer solos and team pictures as before to our team. I have a twist on team picture while the girls are still young even though I've seen it with 16-18 year olds... Princess dress/dress with cleats, gum, black under eyes, dirty hands, helmets etc. in the dugout on a Sunday (when not in use). My print pkgs start at 28. And solo images can be taken as normal before the fun team pic. We can do a normal team pic first if you rather. I know Whysper still doesn't have her uniform, so the dress thing works.

No pressure. I'll still be taking candids of the team as some were interested and I'll have them to offer soon.

I really want that princess team shot of my daughter too. 😀

I don't know if Thursday is the green screen company or not... but I'm just not a fan.

Please note this is an idea I'd like to do if the team is willing. If not, I'll still do my own daughter at the field on a Sunday. Again no pressure.

Thanks, Dreama 

Portrait Designs by Dreama


"Where love of art is a part"

Portrait Design by Dreama

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"Where Love of Art is a Part!"
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