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I'm A Child of God, and so is a certain lil' Whysper and Daddy too... Me three. You Rock Don

"I'm A Child of God", YES, I claim that quote. I know who MY maker is and I know who holds tomorrow! Hope you do too. And so does the talented Donna Ulisse. This gal is an amazing talent with such rich tone in her singing and speaking voice. She's a pure treat to watch on stage and of course to listen to. She is one of the best songwriters to hit Nashville in my own opinion, telling me she wakes up with ideas at all times of night and gets to work with pen and paper or an iPad getting the lyrics down just right. You may wonder why I'm sharing this particular video below? Well, since you ask... there may be a certain little "Lilbit" - Whysper Stephenson and a possible glimpse of her famous Dad, Larry Stephenson of the Larry Stephenson Band too in the cool music video. I may have been fortuante enough to be in a few country music videos myself, but sure can't claim it this young. You're going to have to watch the WHOLE thing though... are you up for it? Okay, go! And by all means let those lyrics and the beat of this song stay in your heart all weekend long. If you can find her, let us know what she was doing? Comment and let us know. #FWSproudMommy for sure. Enjoy the talented Donna Ulisse and her video performance - "I'm A Child of God" below.

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