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Woodard + Ward Forevermore at Boxwell Boy Scout Reservation, Lebanon TN

This was probably for me, the most emotional wedding I have had the pleasure to photograph thus far! These two amazing people, Miss Amanda Woodard and Mr. Jon Ward joined their family together Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the Boxwell Boy Scout Reservation in Labanon, TN during an afternoon ceremony. Bringing their family full circle to become ONE... well FIVE in this case. The magical moments unfolded during each and every step of the day once everyone arrived at the beautiful location sitting lakeside. I never even knew about this little hidden gem. Even the magic as I drove in to start setup was all around, as the deer took their time watching me and walking in front of my car as if I myself were Snow White.... but it wasn't me at all... it was most certainly the princess bride dressed in all white with her beautiful flowing brown hair and western boots and perfectly placed makeup.

The groom was dressed as dapper as they come in his dark suit with yellow accents to pair gorgeously with the royal blue of the bridesmaids.

A very playful day for all as you can see from just a sampling of the hundreds of images captured for this family. The boys looked on with aww at their Dad and were just so happy to be there with him for such a special occasion.

And the sweetness of their little gal as she became giddy and so nervous during her very important part of the ceremony. She took her time, even being coaxed by Dad the groom to throw the petals and come on down the aisle... with reluctancy she finally made it and literally turned it ON for the camera and me putting on quite the show. The on lookers laughed continuously until she had thrown every last petal. These images show her pointing, as if to say "are you ready... here we go"?

Wedding Portrait - couple
Wedding Photography - couple

It didn't stop there after these two assembled a beautiful keepsake cross and were joined in holy matrimony by exchanging rings. With a grand entrance into their reception which looked like a bubbly wrestling match entrance, where you think only one winner would walk away, but it was obvious they both were winners in this ring.

After the grand entrance and a beautiful first dance between the wedding couple to start their journey side by side as Mr. & Mrs Jon Ward, came the very emotional father/daughter dance! The traditional ritual of the the last dance so to speak of the man who raised his daughter only to now pass her over to whom he can only hope will ALWAYS Forevermore be her Prince Charming and care of his little girl just as himself. I frankly was bawling during their whole dance where it was evident, Amanda Woodard, is Daddy' little girl. Being without my own dad who wore a hat... well the emotions were high. Not to mention look at first born son just behind, dressed just like his Grandpa! I'm tearing up just typing.

The flowers by Henderson Florist were just beautiful as they were strategically placed throughout the reception, carried by the ladies and worn proudly by the men for this Autumn Wedding.

Wedding Photography by Dreama Stephenson

Wedding Portraits - Lebanon, TN

Thanks so much Amanda and Jon for allowing me to be a part of your most memorable day and for trusting me with other timeless treasures this past year. It was truly an honor to capture your Wedding Day! And I "HOPE YOU ALWAYS DANCE", like there is no tomorrow.

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VENUE: The Boxwell Boy Scout Reservation - Lebanon, TN

FLORAL DESIGN: Henderson Flowers • DJ: Music Tree Entertainment BRIDE’S DRESS: The White Room-Lebanon, TN • BRIDE’S SHOES: Dan Post

CAKE: Publix Bakery • CATERING: Strouds BBQ • GROOM’S TUXEDO: The White Room -Lebanon, TN HAIR: Ms. Connie - Hair Trendz • INVITATIONS: Vista Print

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