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A BonnyMeade Wedding Story, Lebanon TN (Plantinga + Slawson)

Sometimes change is good... in this case a last minute Wedding Venue change was fabulous for this lovely couple who secured their photography with me in January. What an honor to not only meet but capture their wonderful wedding on a picturesque mountain top at the lovely BonnyMeade in Lebanon, TN on Sat. Sept. 23, 2017. The bride Ms. Joyce Plantinga looked perfectly placed all aglow the whole day preparing to marry her man, Mr. Randy Slawson of Gallatin, TN.

Wedding Photography | Groom

It was fun to watch the groomsmen picking and playing at the groom bringing chuckles and laughter to all, while the bride was surely making memories to last a lifetime as her mother cinched-up her beautiful wedding gown on such a special day. The two of these ladies shared a sweet tenderness that only a mother and daughter could share.

Then came the moments leading up to the ceremony, after everyone was ready and I could steal the couple away while they were a bundle of nerves. Sometimes its for a first look and sometimes for just a touch only, where they can't even see each other, but can talk or just hold each other's hand. This one was extra special as the groom broke into tears holding his lovely brides hand. It was evident these two waited a long time to find each other.

The sunlight lent it's hand shinning through ALL day at just the right spots to MAKE these wedding portraits come to life for the couple to cherish. Not to mention the sun wasn't the only thing shining though, but the pure joy was evident between Joyce and Randy.

The flower girl did a fine job with her task of delivering the petals before the bride made her way to her groom. The boys on the other hand... well lets just say they made it with a little hand-holding and was super cute and laughs again for the wedding guests.

Flower girl | wedding photography
Wedding cake
Wedding Photography | Groom
Wedding Photography | Wedding couple
Lebanon Wedding Photographer | Bridal Party
Lebanon Wedding Photographer | Bridal Party
Wedding ring Photography | Wedding flowers
The wedding flowers throughout the wedding were just beautiful provided by The Flower Chic - Ms. Bianca and I have to mention the food was simply outstanding. I know I was hungry at the end of this wedding but I could not believe what I was tasting. The catering company is definitely properly named... wait for it, "Bit of Heaven Catering". And wow, that is exactly what it tasted like.
Wedding Flower Photography | Bonny Meade Wedding
As the wedding drew near it's end and the couple began their first dance as one, the sun shimmered again as a perfect backdrop, as if to say, here, let me help your special day.
Wedding portrait | First Dance
I think these two had their little bit of heaven this day, as the pinks and blues of the sky merged. From the weeping willow tree on a pond peninsula to the gorgeous scenery as far as the eye could see.