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Winter Wonderland Sessions to Save a Smile

First in our 2018 Series... Winter Wonderland. Imagine your little girl as an Ice Princess, Snow Angel or Winter Fairy, Elsa and Anna, or your boy sledding and having a ton of fun. You get a lot with this one and a portion will be donated to Operation Smile so we can SAVE A SMILE for a little boy or girl in need cleft pallet surgery. HELP by just booking this session. Tax Deductible on top of all the perks in this one. 615.451.0018 This one releases to the public tomorrow. You get first dibs. As you might imagine saving a smile for a child is very important to help them with self esteem, quite frankly for happiness in general. Can you imagine wanting to hide your face because of what other children say. Let's face it... Out of the mouths of babes is dear to my heart, but there again.. out of the mouths of babes who don't want to actually be mean but state the obvious. We hope you will join us to donate as much money possible this year. I hope to see you here. Call for details.

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