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Maggie Valley, NC Wedding | Matt Wright of the Larry Stephenson Band Gets Married 09.03.16

Well, he did it! Matthew (Matt) Wright, the bass player for the Larry Stephenson Band married the love of his life Lauren Pilat this past Saturday at a beautiful location in Maggie Valley, NC. The outdoor setting had originally been planed for an October date when the colored leaves should be present but was moved up to September 3rd due to health issues with Matt's grandfather. Matt is such a nice and humble guy and he wanted his grandfather to be at their wedding. He even drove him away from where he was parked in a "white" van, ceremony side, after the "I Do's". And the new date, turned out to be the day after their "dating" anniversary. You couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and blessed event that took place. The weather was just gorgeous and not too hot for a September day. All of the Groomsmen, including Larry Stephenson Band's guitar player Kevin Richardson, best friend of the groom stood alongside Matt. Kevin also wrote a song just for the wedding couple and he and his wife Crystal Richardson of Sweet Patato Pie performed the song as the couple braided 3 cords to represent themselves and their walk with Jesus Christ (the white string). Larry Stephenson, myself (Dreama) and our daughter were asked to be honored guest upon arrival and were seated among the it was stated "You are our family".

The flower girl, per about normal for most weddings stole the show picking out just the perfect pedals to drop and brought laughs to everyone as Matt stood gazing at his bride walking toward him in tears. And quite honestly, I for one expected it. To know Matt is to love him. He's a pretty special young fella. His bride is no doubt just as sweet and they DO make a wonderful couple!

All the details were dead-on, from the guest signing albums to their program which was filled with fun facts, such as years together, what they like, to little was just great through and through. And this wedding even sported a bass fiddle grooms cake along side their white tower wedding cake. During the dancing reception Matt was surprised when shown cover-art for the NEW LSB Bluegrass CD "Weep Little Willow" coming out in just weeks on Whysper Dream Music, as his Dad Charlie looked-on over Matt's shoulder to see full band image for first glimpse.

So here's to you Matt & Lauren, to many wonderful and blessed years together, you deserve nothing but the best. And please remember when viewing these images, I was without my instrument (my camera).

So for me being a photographer without my camera in-hand, well it just felt odd but a load lighter. So when viewing these images - remember "cheers to some mobile pics & snap-shots".

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