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Epic Event Center, Gallatin TN Storybook Wedding "You, Me & B" Became Three Brooks|We

Ms. Brooks Wedding Gown
Mr. Webster Wedding Ensemble

Well, it was truly an Epic Wedding for sure when Ms. Emily Brooks married her fella Mr. Brian Webster and his daughter "B" this past Saturday, March 11, 2017. As this was by no means your typical wedding of a Bride marrying her Groom and vice versa...It was a FAMILY of THREE uniting as ONE! When I photograph a wedding, doing my best to capture such special moments I sometimes get caught up in the magic and the love shared by two people. I'm human and have a big heart too, but this one definitely took the "wedding" cake, so-to-speak. When this Bride and Groom were exchanging vows they included the Groom's 6-year-old daughter in unity, vows to her in the circle of family and how the Bride wasn't just marrying her man, but she was marrying the two of them, making "You, Me & B" and sealing the deal with a special heart locket for B as "SHE IS THEIR MOST PRECIOUS JEWELL". And why not... Dad used to be in the precious stone business.

Brooks|Webster Wedding

Everyone was choked up viewing such a special moment, including myself and my assistant while brother of the Groom officiated. The love between these three, I have had the pleasure of sharing in at least 2 other occasions in the studio and witnessing first hand their love for each other, one of which was their Fall Family Engagement session.

Wedding pieces, Epic Event Center

Epic Event Center, Gallatin, TN

Even while sitting with the bride discussing the wedding only two days before the big day, it was already Epic as I was brought to tears even then, when this bride stated she wanted 15 minutes alone with her own thoughts and her bridesmaids just before walking down the matrimony aisle to reflect & PRAY to God for the new steps they would all take joining together, till death do they part.

First Look Hands ©Dreama Stephenson
Beautiful reception

Held at the beautiful Epic Event Centre in Gallatin, TN the room was just magical with the low lighting and gorgeous centerpieces on the reception tables setting the perfect tone to the night. The bride and groom did share the precious first dance and the dance with their parents, but then little B got to share a Toe-Top dance with her daddy the Groom making it a Cinderella moment for one little princess. There were flowing dress swirls and even the high lift above Daddy's head to make it extra special. Yes, you know the one... kinda like in the movie. In true fashion keeping in line with the theme of three - there were 3 gals and 3 guys standing up with each of them. The bride's dress was simply gorgeous and B's flower-girl dress and the Three Tiered Wedding Cake elements all matched in elegant form. And yes...if you didn't catch on, even the cake kept in the theme of three. A cute Grooms Golf Cake adorned a side table complete with golf ball and tees atop. The cakes were actually made by Emily and her cousin.

Fairytale dance
Wedding cake by the bride and cousin. Epic Event Center

This reception also had the brides whole family shining as they shared a special dance in true Brooks Buck Dancing style and a full reception attendee square dance that encircled the whole room as everyone joined hand-in-hand. So this wedding went off without a hitch, except for one when the 3 became a family.

They became three. This image says it all. Epic Event Center

I so hope you ALL will be happy and blessed "Today, Tomorrow & Forever" in your new life ahead and thanks so much for letting me (Portrait Design by Dreama) capture your special day for you to treasure for years to come. It was a truly TIMELESS event!

Brooks + Webster Storybook Wedding, Epic Event Center, Portrait Design by Dreama
the creative team


CAKE: Emily Brooks

PHOTO BOOTH: Bee Visual Events


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