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Whysper Stephenson USAG Regionals Top Scores

Last weekend Whysper Stephenson aka "Wispy" competed in the USAG (United States of America Gymnastics) Regional Championship in Myrtle Beach, SC after qualifying at the Tennessee State Championship back in March in the Xcel Division on campus at Austin Pey University. She and 5 other girls who all competed against each other made up the Tennessee State Team that competed this Mother's Day weekend. Yes a proud Mom am I. Not only did she compete at such a prestigious event in the gymnastics arena she brought home top scores for her team, one of which garnered her a 4th place, just shy of the top 3 but with a score of 9.850, noone could be prouder of a 7 year-old's bar routine than her family. She helped by bringing in top scores counting for her home state team on Floor (9.550), Vault (9.550) and Beam (9.200). For such a late night event and at the beach at that... we'll take it. Team scores are comprised of the best of the best of each team. So knowing she counted toward her team made us all very happy. Her coaches very happy with her. She competes for BAM Gymnastics during regular season so her coaches were by her side.

The USAG sanctioned Region8 Xcel Championship was a night of shining stars. The introduction alone made the crowd feel nervous and I can't imagine the girls competing. It was the second highest All-Around scores Whysper Stephenson has took home to date, which in most cases would have garnered her a first place in about every other meet she's been to this season in all-around but the competition for first place all-around were less than 6/100ths of each other down the whole list of gymnasts. Without even knowing it, Whysper proved she should be there on that team. It may be the last time she ever gets to go to the Southeastern Regional Event, it may be the last time she competes, it may be the only time she ever makes scores high enough at State to make a State Team as only 6 girls are chosen out of everyone in the particular chosen level. In this case 6 girls went out of 98. We don't know for sure where life is headed, it can change in an instant. I'm just blessed by this little girl and the experiences she is taking us parents on. You would think it's the other way around, but it really isn't. I just know I want to afford her as much opportunity as I can to make her life hopefully sweeter. #fwsproudmommy

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