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Lil' Belle performs Beauty and the Beast Plus Two Gospel Selections - Recital 2017

Whysper dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Super proud of this Lil'Bit turned "Lil'Beauty" performing at her second ever piano recital last night May 23, 2017. Although Whysper Stephenson has been taking lessons for just a year, she has missed many weeks due to her gymnastics endeavors, breaks and long holiday times. Her teacher probably wondered at one point when she would be back. But you would never know she missed a beat after hearing her last night playing the elegant black baby grand. In fact her teacher tells me, she's playing a level ahead. Less than a month ago she turned eight years old and less than 10 days ago she was in Myrtle Beach, SC competing with the Tennessee State Team at the Southeast Regional USAG Xcel Gymnastic Championship where she received 4th place out of 8 states on the bar event with a 9.85 and 8th place on the floor exercise, as well as maintained her all-around score that got her there from the Tennessee State Championship in March of this year.

She played not one but three pieces, including "Amazing Grace", The Doxology: "Praise Him From Whom All Blessings Flow", and "Beauty and the Beast"  performed as a duet alongside her teacher Mrs. Kate.  Dressed in a beautiful Belle dress and hair to match she truly was "MY Sunshine" a ray of sunshine that is. The piece they played in duet style was so beautiful, I myself had tears as well as two long-time friends that came out to bless us as family, Janet Thomas and Diane Day. Her Dad, Larry of the Larry Stephenson Band had a smile on his face the entire night.

Proud Dad
Proud Mommy

In true Princess form with a smile she bowed in a low curtsy. What a wonderful age, it's sad that one day I'll look back on these and miss her small stature and tiny fingers and hands and the sweetness in her voice. The innocence that once was, because these are the best days GOD has given us. Given to all of us parents and we MUST choose to embrace it before the magic is gone.

Whysper didn't show too bad she was a bundle of nerves, as being on stage is a very hard thing to do, much less playing a piano you are not used to. But she purely loves the STAGE.

She had a great time with her friend before the recital and during the very nice reception.  And while the nerves were setting in.. seen in some images. And we can't thank her teacher enough for working with our girl.

This Friday, yes less than 2 days away, she will perform in her schools talent show where she auditioned and got in, to show off her gymnastics skills and then on Sunday morning she will be providing the Special Music for the congregation at Station Camp Baptist playing the piano. She will go back to school for 3 more days next week and this little munchkin will hit another milestone.  She will become a 3rd grader. This girl is very busy! 

Once again, I write as a very proud mommy, who wore a princess necklace just for the occasion. #fwsproudmommy

One who will be very sad next Thursday morning.  Please enjoy this video below.

Sweet friends
Getting it straight beforehand.

Friends before the show.

Smiles on the way.

On the way.

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